In the past, you typically had two options for a grill: charcoal or gas. And your retail store likely carried one or two brands at most. These days there are numerous varieties of grills (charcoal, gas, kamodo, pellet, infrared, chunk, stick, dual fuel, smokers, and the list goes on) and dozens of manufacturers all vying for your dollars.

We're here to give you insight into what we believe is the present and future of grilling: wood pellet grills. They're easy to use, efficient, exceedingly versatile, and they make everything taste better.


Affordable Pellet Grills

We're not blowing smoke when we say you don't need to break the bank to get the quality and versatility a solid pellet grill can offer. From entry-level to competition grade, you'll find these affordable grills will elevate your BBQ game. Read the BUYING GUIDE.

High-Performance Pellet Grills

Power, efficiency, quality, technology, and aesthetics. These are just some of the features you'll receive when deciding to go with a higher-end and higher-performing pellet grill. They may cost a bit more, but we believe they're worth every single penny. Read the BUYING GUIDE.


Wood Pellet Fuel

Gas is boring. Charcoal is time consuming and messy. Wood is good! Pellet grills and smokers use food-grade wood pellets to provide the smoke, heat, and flame for your grill. Learn about some of the options and what makes one different from another. Read the BUYING GUIDE.