MAK Grills


As is clear from their logo - MAK Grills are proud to be manufactured in the USA. They have a lot more to be proud of as well: The FlashFire igniter, which is guaranteed for life, and their FlameZone have been making waves on pellet grill blogs and message boards for years. Their 1, 2, and 3 star general grills come with different levels of accessory and material power, so check out the options to figure out what's perfect for you!

From the manufacturer:

We love pellet grills but didn’t like the designs of the models on the market. They are more like an oven than a grill.  MAK Grills are designed to be the best in class. You get outstanding BBQ flavor and safe cooking with real wood, along with an automatic lighting and fuel feed system. Simply turn the grill on and you’re cooking in minutes! Our direct heat FlameZone ® feature is pioneering the industry for “gas grill like” cooking without the hassle of flare-ups and burned food.