Memphis Elite - Memphis Wood Fire Grills

The best of the best. 

When we talk about innovation and originality in the world of pellet grill cooking, the Memphis Elite continues to set the standard. Fully stainless steel, with 1252 sq. inches of cooking space, the Memphis Elite can consistently maintain temperatures of up to 700˚F.

How is this possible? Open flame grilling. With the direct flame insert (that comes standard with every grill) you can grill over a roaring wood fire, which brings your food flavor to the next level. Or drop the temp down and do a low and slow smoke (perfect for briskets, pork shoulders, etc).


For whatever type of cook you're doing, you can use the restaurant grade food probe in tandem with the Intelligent Temperature Control system to measure the internal temperature of whatever you’re cooking. You can even set a desired internal temperature that will turn the grill on 'heat' mode when reached.

Along with performing capabilities that outreach other pellet grills, the Memphis Elite looks amazing. It has an incredibly sleek design made to be the center of an outdoor kitchen. If that truly is your aim, Memphis also supplies a built in elite model.

Memphis' new models are also all built with a temperature control display screen, and integrated with wifi so the temperature can be controlled via phone application. 


  • More expensive than average (but worth it in our opinion)
  • 2012 models had water drainage issues (but are now fixed)
  • ITC screen and app had some release bugs (fixed now)


  • Most dynamic temperature range on the market
  • 100% 304 Stainless Steel
  • Convection Cooking
  • Large cooking area, storage spaces, and pellet hopper for longer cooks
  • Intelligent temperature controller (with wifi, meat probe, etc.)
  • Communicative customer service

From the Manufacturer:

Big, bold, and made in the USA, this wood pellet grill is the ultimate addition to any outdoor kitchen. With a whopping 1252 sq. inches of cooking surface, a large 24 lb. pellet hopper, dual metal convection fans, and precise temperature control capable of anything from 180° to 700°, the Memphis Elite is truly a revolutionary cooking appliance. Also available as a built-in model.

  • Temp Range: 180-700 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Intelligent Temperature Control with Wi-Fi
  • Double Walled, Sealed, 304 Stainless Steel
  • Indirect and Direct Flame Modes 
  • Dual Convection Fans
  • Oven-Grade Gasket
  • Shelves open for enhanced storage
  • 24 lb. dual pellet hopper (mix and match pellet flavors)
  • Now comes standard with direct flame insert, genie tool, one meat probe, and a free 20lb bag of pellets!

Check out this fun video from Memphis (note: it features a Memphis Pro grill which is a bit smaller than the Elite, but same otherwise)