Cookshack PG1000 Fast Eddy's Pellet Grill

The Fast Eddy line from Cookshack has been a popular name in the competitive BBQ circuit for years and, lucky for us, their newest entry, the PG1000 is specifically designed for the home user.

While it does not have the same aesthetic appeal as the Memphis line of grills, it does have a couple other things going for it.

  • Dual Zone Cooking: fire pot is offset to the side so you the further you move food away, the cooler it gets. Many other grills, put the fire chamber right in the middle, making the hot/cold zones a bit more of a guessing game. They call it "Four Zone" cooking based upon the upper shelf, but that seems like marketing speak to us.
  • You can remove the legs and turn it into built-in grill for your outdoor kitchen. Other manufacturers give you the built-in option as a different model number.


  • Made in the USA
  • 600* F Max Temperature (approx. 800* F over direct flame)
  • Numerous Cooking Zones including a Warming Drawer
  • Double Walled Stainless Steel Interior and Exterior
  • Built-in model looks great!


  • The direct flame zone can get a bit ashy
  • Smokestack is located on the side shelf
  • Industrial look and feel not a great fit for all home scenarios

From Around the Web:

The Charbroil feature of the FE1000 is unique, and effective.  The FE1000 has a grate positioned directly over the firepot and flavorizer bar which gives you a very hot grilling surface for charbroiling meats and veggies.    The extremely quick ramp-up to temperature made grilling easy.  Turn the pit on and you were ready to grill within 10 minutes.  The temperatures were very inconsistent in this area though, and I found myself moving food around from “hot” spot to “cooler” spot to get everything cooked evenly.  My only complaint about this feature would be the lack of temperature control.  Because the lid is open, the auger runs wide-open and you essentially have a singe temperature to work with, unlike a gasser where you would have several different settings for high, medium, and low.

Heat: The FE1000 gets hot – very hot, and gets there very quickly.  In my testing the pit was able to get to over 600 degrees in 15 minutes.  In fact it overshot the 600 mark, and had to dial it back.  This far exceeds the temperatures I was able to get on my MAK in similar testing, which topped-out at 535 degrees in 40 minutes.  This increase in heat seems to be the result of the lack of heat restriction (only a perforated flavoizer bar above the firepot), and the insulated lid.  Combined they appear to be quite effective for getting the pit to temp fast.

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Most pellet smokers are wood burning ovens, great for ribs, turkey, brisket and butts, not so great for grilling steaks and burgers. The PG1000 was one of the first pellet burners to offer a sear station, a cast iron cooking grate right over the firepot where the wood pellets burn. It isn’t the best setup for searing, but it does OK in a pinch and you can definitely finish your smoked chicken and ribs on it to crisp and brown. The real beauty of Fast Eddy’s design is it produces meat with a deep mahogany finish, much like a competition grade offset smoker. It also has two upper level heat zones for a total of four distinct temperature zones.

Thermostatically controlled pellet smokers are a joy to work with, just set the desired temp like you do on your kitchen oven then walk away. No muss, no fuss, no babysitting, and excellent results every time. Made in the USA.

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