What is a Pellet Grill?


Put simply, a wood pellet grill is an amazing appliance (typically used outdoors) that utilizes 100% natural wood pellets as fuel instead of the traditional charcoal or gas. Pellet grills (sometimes called a "wood fire grill" use electricity to create the heat that ignites the pellets. The pellets then produce the flame and smoke which do a happy dance around your food creating some of the best flavors you'll have the chance to taste.

The main advantages of pellet grills are thus:

  1. Flavor - nothing beats the taste of food cooked over wood fire and smoke.
  2. Versatility - smoke, roast, bake, and grill easily. Many new models have direct flame ability, so you can properly sear your steak. 
  3. Cook with Convection - nearly all pellet grills come with one or two convection fans built right in. This means your food is constantly enveloped by heat providing faster cooks, even bakes, and perfectly done exteriors.
  4. Ease of Use - most pellet grills have a digital controller that allows you to adjust the temperature just like a kitchen oven.

Having worked in the pellet industry for years, we know that we can spout the virtues of a pellet grill until we're blue in the face, but once somebody tries food from a pellet grill, they're hooked. Will you be next? Check out our pellet grill buying guides.