5 Questions With: Eric Bostow of Memphis Wood Fire Grills

We had the great fortune to wrangle Eric Bostow (one of the resident pellet grill experts at Memphis Wood Fire Grills) into answering a handful of questions for us.

Eric Bostow of Memphis Wood Fire Grills

Eric Bostow of Memphis Wood Fire Grills

Please tell us what you do on a daily basis at Memphis and how long you’ve been there.

I’m a Territory Sales Rep. It’s my job to make sure our dealers have the capability, knowledge, marketing resources, and enthusiasm to keep selling Memphis Grills.
Any advice or tips for folks looking to get into pellet grilling?

Tip 1) Buy a pellet grill with longevity in mind.
We talk to so many consumers who started low end, fell in love with the pellet category, only to realize in 6 mo. they would be upgrading. So do this… Save,  Save, and Save. Get the grill that fits you, and give yourself permission to buy with longevity in mind. You won’t regret it.

Tip 2) Ask yourself, “what do I like to cook?”, then ask yourself “what do I want to cook?”. Find recipes online cooked on pellet grills. See what the consumers say, read the reviews, forums, find your nearest dealer, try one out and buy the grill that meets your cooking style.
Tip 3) Take the time to read the manual. If you don’t, you’ll never know what your grill can do. We’ve got more, call us, we’re happy to chat. 888-883-2260.
What do your customers like best about Memphis Grills?

The versatility. The fact that you can set a temp from 180-650 and maintain any temp within 5 degree increments is pretty amazing. Like what can’t you cook? Smoke, bake and sear at the touch of a button. And then we hear, “we love the Wi-Fi capability”, “the ease of use”, “Made in the USA”, and “Quality.” Those are the top 5.
Where do you think the pellet grill industry is headed to in the future?
Continued growth. Industry numbers report pellet grill sales are up higher than any other category of BBQ.  We’re seeing this first hand. I predict Pellet grills will be just as common as gas grills within a short timeframe. What a cool product trend to be a part of.
If you were on a desert island and had a Memphis Grill and only one type of food item to cook, what would you pick?

I’m going fresh wings, fiery 5 pepper (I wish GrillMates would bring it back!) garlic powder, 375 degrees for 47 minutes. Then were sitting good on the island...