Value Meets Versatility

Looking for a great bang-for-your-buck pellet grill? There are numerous models that fit the bill. All are excellent at smoking, roasting, and general grilling. 

And most of these can do everything their more expensive siblings can do, with a few exceptions. First, they're typically manufactured overseas and the build quality isn't quite as strong (more rivets, less stainless steel, etc). Second, they're usually less powerful (can't get as hot) and efficient as the high-performance options. Third, you'll likely miss out on some of the bells and whistles such as wi-fi and dual meat probes, etc. If none of that bothers you, these all deliver automatic temperature control and extremely tasty results.

We've selected some of our favorite value-driven pellet grills below. Click through to learn more.


Looking for something a little more robust? Check out the high-performance pellet grill options here.